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(UPDATED: Incorrect attribution) Oh. My. Get Angry, Folks

UPDATE: Nevermind the below gasket-blowing: it wasn’t Obama, it was GOP’er Mike Rogers. Well, don’t ignore it, instead redirect your ire.


Yes, Obama just made a moral equivalency between our soldiers and bin Laden.

And yes, he just insinuated that Americans would go shootin’ some imams or something if al-Qaeda were to kill an American and post photos of it on the internet — WHICH THEY HAVE DONE EVERY DAY, including videos of the towers collapsing, Daniel Pearl, and Nick Berg, and Mogadishu, and IED videos, WHICH ARE ALL OVER THE DAMNED INTERNET, and which have never resulted in even a damned bloody nose doled out to an innocent Muslim by an American.

Cowboy up, America, and tell the president what you think of this.