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WaPo slams Trump but invites anyway him to the White House correspondents' dinner

The Donald has been vilified by the Washington press corps, including the Washington Post, which on April 27 solemnly editorialized that he was campaigning on “bogus” issues and should “cease and desist.”

So it was quite interesting to note that at the last night’s White House correspondents’ dinner, Donald Trump sat as a guest of…the Washington Post.

This morning Politico’s Mike Allen sent out an email saying SNL comedian Seth Meyers’ cutting speech about The Donald at the dinner bummed out both Trump and the entire WaPo table of reporters and guests. Allen reports:

TRUMP sat stone-faced at the WashPost table at last night’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner as Seth Meyers of ‘Saturday Night Live’ripped him brutally. Definitely laughing at him, not with him. Was so awkward that some folks at his table stopped laughing and applauding.”

WaPo’s Dana Milbank — who we assumed sat at one of his paper’s tables — mused that all these Washington reporters hobnobbing with the rich and powerful could send the wrong message. As he also wrote in this morning’s paper: “Washington journalists give Americans the impression we have shed our professional detachment and are aspiring to be like the celebrities and power players we cover.”

Now this comes as shocking news to all of us here at the Tatler. Shocking, I tell you.