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(Some) California lawmakers say it's time to emulate Texas

I spend a fair number of posts here poking at California politics for its backward, leftist, overtaxing ways (see here, for instance). Call it tough love — Texas has broad shoulders but we can’t and don’t want to carry the US economy all by ourselves. We need the other large states to leave the left behind and rediscover capitalism and liberty. So it’s good to see that some California politicos are willing to learn from us rowdy hayseeds.

SACRAMENTO – Reflecting on lessons learned on a two-day trip to Texas, Assembly Republicans said Thursday that California needs to follow the Lone Star State’s model of lower taxes and fewer regulations to keep the economy growing.

Republican lawmakers led a delegation of California representatives to meet with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, also a Republican. They also spoke to business owners about why they left California.

Also making the trip were two Democrats, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani, D-Atwater. Galgiani’s 17th Assembly District takes in portions of central Stockton and all of Tracy.

It’s those last two who probably needed to learn the most. Here’s hoping they did, because in just about every way you look at it, California needs to find a way to avoid economic disaster. But it sounds like the man who most needed to come east stayed home in Sacramento.

California faces a remaining $15.4 billion budget deficit after Gov. Jerry Brown signed $11.2 billion in spending cuts and fund transfers. Brown wants a special election to extend the state sales, income and vehicle taxes for five years.

Without the taxes, California will face severe cuts to public schools, universities and public safety, the governor said.