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Campaigner-in-chief emails, begging for a do-over (and money)

Nineteen months before the election, with no challenger officially in the race, President Obama is now in full re-election campaign mode. The video I posted earlier, in which President Obama lethargically beseeches his legions to work harder and “begin again,” was linked in the email that The One’s mighty 24/7/365 billion dollar campaign machine sent around today. It contains a terrifying line about mid-way down.

Friend —

If it were easy to do the big, meaningful things we believe will make our country better — if it were quick — someone would have done those things long before any of us showed up.

We’ve chosen to do something hard.

You know that our victories so far have been hard won: taking the difficult steps necessary to put our economy back on track, reforming Wall Street excess despite an army of lobbyists against us, and making health care more affordable and accessible despite well-organized opposition by those who profit from the status quo.

You also know we have not yet done everything we set out to do — not nearly. (emphasis added)

Pause. Catch your breath. The country is dealing with some epic disasters of near Biblical proportions, and this president is either creating them, making them worse, or doing little about them. We have huge fires in Texas, and the president is doing nothing to help. The economy is a shambles, there are no jobs, inflation is about to roar through the country thanks to high fuel and food prices, and what is this president doing? Maintaining the ban on offshore drilling, and proposing tax increases on job creators. Having already foisted ObamaCare on a public that didn’t want it, and having already seized most of our auto manufacturing in his government’s clutches, and having ruined America’s alliances and standing in the world in two short years, he still has enough ideas rattling around that he can say he has “not nearly” done everything he set out to do? Good lord. Be afraid…

After begging for a five-spot in the email, America’s most prolific golfer gets vaguely to the point.

We’ve had the chance to make historic changes that touch every American: from passing a law that says women should get an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work to removing 100,000 troops from Iraq.

Those things and every other important change we’ve made happened because people like you built an organization to win an election in 2008.

The stakes are even higher this time.

As I’ve spoken with supporters who are helping get this campaign started, I’ve met folks who are frustrated by the pace of change.

I understand that. But we knew this wouldn’t be easy. The kind of change we’re working for never comes easily.

Now is the time to begin again, and build the campaign that will shape our country’s future.

Thank you,


Barack, friend, since we’re now on a first name basis thanks to this email some unnamed staffer wrote on your behalf, what are those changes you’re working for? Can we get a little more specific? What do you intend to do about the “frustrating” pace of “change?”