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DOJ training Tuesday to "monitor" crackdowns on illegal immigration and propaganda training

On Tuesday, April 26, from 1 to 2 p.m., a curious training session and meeting will take place deep inside the Department of Justice – an “Information Session” of the “National Origin Working Group.”  No, the meeting will not discuss the difference between a birth certificate and a certificate of live birth!  But it will definitely pertain to people born in other countries who are in the United States illegally.

The “National Origin Working Group” is set up inside the infamous Civil Rights Division at DOJ.  At tomorrow’s training session, Monica Ramfrez will be “discussing the Division’s Monitoring of Anti-Immigrant Laws.”  Where to begin?

Firstly, there is no such thing as an “anti-immigrant” law being passed anywhere.  This is the Orwellian way the civil rights industry refers to any state or local effort to deal with illegal immigration.  The word “illegal” conveniently vanishes from the description.  I’ve got nothing against immigration, as I am a second generation son of an immigrant.  It’s the lawbreaking part most Americans have a problem with.

Secondly, what statutory authority does the Civil Rights Division have to “monitor” this made up legislative movement (anti-immigrant)?  There is no law which empowers the federal government to do this. 

I have obtained the entire announcement from a source inside the DOJ.  The whole Civil Rights Division is invited to the Housing/Voting 7th Floor Conference Room at 1800G Street NW in D.C.  to the session.  It will led by Ramfrez, counsel to Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez and Mazen Basrawi.  The latter counsel to Perez will be “discussing Discrimination Against Muslim Americans Post 9-11.”  Even better, topics will also include “how you can participate in educating the public about laws prohibiting national origin discrimination.”  Federal employees cum propagandists!  There will also be political updates on “trending topics in National Origin Discrimination.”

Of course none of this will get wide publicity, mostly because the public doesn’t want to hear the DOJ is “monitoring” laws being passed to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.  Best to do these things behind closed doors, in secret, where nobody is paying attention – or so they think.