Huck Fine?

Mike Huckabee is quietly amassing the numbers to mount a legit run for the White House. While most Americans can’t name a single 2012 GOP candidate, the Daily Beast’s John Avlon examines the growing popularity of the former Arkansas governor.


Right now Huckabee looks like the guy to beat in Iowa and South Carolina, while giving Mitt Romney a run for his (boatloads of) money in Florida. The national media may not have noticed this yet, but it looks like the establishment in Iowa has.

The Des Moines Register’s political columnist Kathie Obradovich fills out the dynamic behind Huck’s buoyancy. “Huckabee is charming, famous, and a proven caucus winner,” she says. “That probably has as much to do with his poll numbers at this stage than any of his positions on issues or viability as a candidate. He’s a religious conservative but he’s more amiable and less intimidating than Sarah Palin, for example.”

The fundamental question remains, will Huckabee actually run? The full article is here.


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