Wonkette mocks Trig Palin, defends it, and doubles down (Updates)

I really can’t do more justice to the repugnant Wonkette vs a baby with Downs Syndrome story than Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher has already done, so please take a few minutes and read it.


I’ll just say a couple of things. Going back several years now, Ken Layne, Wonkette’s editor, has revealed himself to be a small, bitter and amoral creature.  I appreciate Layne’s tenacity in defending his employee against outside criticism, I really do, but in this case he is defending the indefensible. There is a deep and serious lack of judgment and proportion on display in all this, from both the writer and his editor. Who in their right mind thinks jokes about child rape are funny, at all? What Jack Steuf wrote about the child of a politician he opposes is simply vile. It reflects extremely poorly on all involved, and ironically, will only end up benefiting Steuf’s target to the extent that anyone can possibly “benefit.” No one outside the angry left’s most agitate ranks can see anything redeeming at all in what Steuf wrote and Layne defends.

If there’s any justice, Wonkette’s other advertisers will join Papa Johns and leave that miserable site for good.


Update: LifeNews reports that Huggies and Vanguard have dropped Wonkette. And Layne puts Steuf on “probation” while once again blaming Sarah Palin. The man simply has no moral compass. Commenter Northeast Elizabeth says the Obama campaign is a Wonkette advertiser. I’m checking that out, which involves actually clicking on Wonkette for the first time in eons. Uh, thanks for the tip I guess…

Time Warner is still a major advertiser there. As is Jack in the Box.

Update: Steuf “apologizes” in what amounts to yet another try for traffic. Big Journalism has the screen grab here.


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