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Classy: Olbermann tweets that S.E. Cupp should have been aborted

Alternative Olbermann: Look at me! I’m trying way too hard to be relevant again.

And failing like the miserable, execrable failure that he is.

Even worse, when caught out on his obviously hateful remark, Olbermann attempts to backtrack, by claiming only that her parents should have seen to it that she was never born.


Because that’s obviously soooo much better. Only in a leftist’s mind is the world a better place for lacking people like S.E.

What is it with liberal men and strong, beautiful conservative women, that the former have to go out of their way to trash the latter so much? Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, a couple of my former bosses, and now S.E. Cupp… They all get the same over-the-top, hateful to the point of wishing them dead, insane treatment from liberals like Olbermann and his tingly mini-me, Chris Matthews. What’s up with that?

Update: Because you can’t spell misogyny without MSN.

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