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Government Motors falls apart...literally

In an article from the WSJ, it looks like Obama’s latest invention, the Chevy Cruze, is falling apart on drivers while they “Cruze” on down the road.  In a very scary development, the steering wheel on certain cars has fallen off while the car was in motion.  GM has stated this affects about 2100 cars, and a recall has been issued.

The Cruze is doing better than the car it was meant to replace, the Chevy Cobalt, but not as well as the Toyota Corolla – its main rival. However, I don’t know if this is because more people trust the Toyota brand (even with their issues in recent years) or buyers are unwilling to give their money to GM.  What we do know is having the steering wheel fall off the car created by Obama and Government Motors is the most perfect analogy for this administration ever.