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Don't dump the Trump!

That slavishly loyal Obama camp follower David Plouffe went on the talk shows this weekend to disparage Donald Trump is a sure sign they are scared of The Donald. And they should be. In this world of tedious politicians of the left and right, he is at least amusing. Can you say that of the rest of them? Also he has the freedom to be honest, an even greater rarity in our political scene where the majority of career pols look like terrified catatonics on prune juice. (Well, except for Anthony Weiner who looks like a lobotomized pit bull on steroids.)

Now that doesn’t mean I am going to support Trump when the time comes. He may wander so far off the reservation, he’s making revolutions around Saturn’s rings. In fact, he may already be there. But I am paying attention (who isn’t?). After all, it’s fun. For now, say it together, “Don’t dump the Trump!”