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Gallup: Unions winning message war (and WI Dems file first recall)

We give you the good polls, we give you the bad polls.

With political battles over state budgets and collective bargaining still playing out to varying degrees in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Maine, and several other states, 48% of Americans say they agree more with the unions in these disputes, while 39% agree more with the governors. Thirteen percent favor neither side or have no opinion. …

A few subgroups of Americans show particularly broad support for unions in these battles. Democrats give unions their highest support, at 70%, followed by young adults — those aged 18 to 34 — at 61%. A majority of residents in the East, 52%, favor unions, the only region to cross the 50% support threshold.

Similar percentages of men and women take the unions’ side (46% and 50%, respectively); however, women are significantly less likely than men to favor the governors (33% vs. 45%) and significantly more likely to have no opinion.

Governors who engage in these fights have their work cut out for them. It might help to emphasize that the governors are standing with the taxpayers, most of whom are not in unions. And it would definitely help to emphasize that all of these battles focus exclusively on government worker unions — unions of bureaucrats, in a lot of cases.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in Wisconsin have filed the first recall against a Republican state Senator. That election will be an opportunity to state clearly just what is and is not being done, and why.

Election Day for state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is April 5th. Prosser gives the Republicans a one-vote majority on that court.