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Shamless self-promotion...

Over on my personal blog I had a few thoughts on the nature of stupid political rhetoric

A Republican named Virgil Peck a couple weeks ago suggested on the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives the best way to deal with illegal immigration was to shoot them down from helicopters like wild hogs. Peck is not just an idiot, he’s also the chairman of the House Budget Committee in the Kansas Legislature. Lord help us all…

Mr. Peck, I’m originally from southwest Kansas where we have a major problem with illegal immigration, and I’ve lived in southeast Kansas for over 10 years now, we’re not racists in this state and we don’t condone murder.
Do we need to do something about the border? Yes, absolutely.
Do we need to do something about illegal immigration? Yes, absolutely.
But can we please refrain from stupid rhetoric on both sides?
Mr. Peck’s comments not withstanding, Republicans don’t really want to kill anyone. Nor are those on the right racist, generally speaking. So we would appreciate it if Democrats would stop calling us such. At the same time can those on the right please stop with the our way or the highway approach to border control?