My suggestion to replace Couric

Katie Couric is out as CBS anchorwoman in June and they must find a successor for her. I was never a fan of Couric’s, but in her defense the tradition of the network evening news is pretty much moribund, almost neanderthal, at this point. In all probability whoever comes to replace her will suffer the same fate — unless CBS does something truly dramatic.


I have a suggestion for them I doubt they would ever take, because the ultra-conventional liberals that manage that network’s news department would never hew from the political line they have adhered to since their inception. Indeed, that is basically the same political line maintained by their competitors ABC and NBC, making watching the evening news in our country a tedious exercise in tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee.

Nevertheless, I suggest CBS should abjure the traditional and pirate Megyn Kelly from Fox News. Not only is Kelly younger and more attractive than Couric (thus fulfilling the sexist perquisites), she is vastly more intelligent and informed. She is also the most incisive interviewer on the air at this moment.

Furthermore, as almost all polls show, America is a center-right country ideologically. If CBS had the courage to choose Kelly, they would shortly be cleaning the clocks of those tweedle-dums and dees ABC and NBC. And they would be putting a serious dent in Fox News.

Will they do it? Don’t hold your breath.


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