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Nicholas Kristof is brain dead

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof  is amazed, and agog at  the reaction to allied help for the Libyan rebels among the populace. In a column titled “Hugs from Libya,” Kristof writes:

This may be a first for the Arab world: An American airman who bailed out over Libya was rescued from his hiding place in a sheep pen by villagers who hugged him, served him juice and thanked him effusively for bombing their country.

Even though some villagers were hit by American shrapnel, one gamely told an Associated Press reporter that he bore no grudges.

So I guess that makes all those Iraqis who hugged American soldiers when we first arrived Berbers, or something right? Couldn’t be Arabs. A prominent New York Times columnist says that an Arab hugging an American soldier in Libya “may be a first.”

Is this true? Well, not unless you believe the Pentagon staged this:

Or this:

Or this one:

And one more:

Nicholas Kristof is brain dead.