Seven questions for liberals on Libya. Plus: Barack-etology!

Well played, Hawkins.

3) Is this a war for oil? What was it liberals kept saying over and over about Iraq? Oh yeah, it was “No blood for oil!” What was the rationale for claiming the war in Iraq was about oil? Iraq had oil; we were going to war there; so obviously it just MUST be about oil. That was it. So, Libya has oil and unlike Hussein, Gaddafi has been cooperative of late; so there’s no compelling reason for America to invade….except perhaps, to safeguard all that Texas T. flowing beneath the sand. So, when do we have liberals in the streets shouting “No blood for oil?”


It’s not “Texas T,” it’s “Texas tea.” As in, “oil, that is, black gold, Texas tea.” Otherwise, that piece wins its bracket.

Related: We posted this video critique of Obama’s leadership style late Friday so many readers might have missed it. It’s more than worth a re-post.


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