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Left wheel of Obama bandwagon falls off

Ooops. The far left supported Obama primarily because he advertised himself as the anti-war candidate. Now that he’s launched us into a third simultaneous war (Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya), former supporters have thrown in the towel:

Dennis Kucinich: Time to impeach Obama over Libya action.

Michael Moore: Obama no better than Bush.

Louis Farrakhan: “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?”

Andrew Sullivan: Obama now the exact opposite of what I voted for.

This random DailyKos diarist sums up today’s zeigeist on the left:

Barack Obama do you believe in anything or you just want to be in power at the expense of everybody? Shame on you, I cannot believe these words will ever come from my mouth. But you should be shame of yourself.

Barack Obama has finally betrayed the last people that believed in him. . . . Africans…

And all those Kossacks who are cheering you are nothing but Hypocrites because invasion is an Invasion being it Iraq or Afghanistan. When has the US ever followed the French?

My God you are the President of the United States. Why do you let your own employees push you around? Libya is in a state of Civil war. It is unlike the even in Egypt or Tunisia.

I was one those who headed your campaign here in Harris County, Texas. I supported you when you betrayed me on Health Care Public Option, Guantanamo Bay, Tax Cut for the Rich, as pragmatic but this, you have zero justification.

The honeymoon is now but a distant hazy memory.

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