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Shearer can't stick the landing

Forgive me for getting excited at the thought of Derek Smalls laying the smackdown on the Mainstream Media.

Comedian Harry Shearer, perhaps best known as the bassist for the faux metal band Spinal Tap, spoke at the National Press Club March 14 to critique the assembled scribes and their profession. He’s promoting a new film, “The Big Uneasy,” which lambastes media coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

The liberal comic said media groupthink and false narratives permeate the MSM. He’s right, of course, but just how far would Shearer go? I read on, fingers double crossed that he would leap over the ideological divide to slam the press for its biased Tea Party coverage. Or, better yet, cry out against the media’s devotion to the “new civility” which ended when the Left started getting violent.


Here he is tackling a question about media bias, or as he might describe it, media laziness:

“Most journalists are vaguely liberal; most media owners are not so vaguely conservative,” he said. “The far more pervasive biases, I suggest, those of logistics of parachuting in and asking cab drivers, ‘what’s the mood here?’”

Nice try, Harry. You certainly started a conversation that needs to be had, but it’s clear your biases won’t let you finish it.

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