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NPRgate: What's happened to Betsy Liley?

How ironic that Betsy Liley – the NPR exec who chortled at the reference to “National Palestinian Radio” during the now-infamous O’Keefe video – has thus far gotten off scot-free. It’s stunning that a woman could sit there with putative members of a Muslim Brotherhood front org that clearly supported Sharia Law without making a peep or walking out. Talk about the Stockholm Syndrome. But that’s our left these days – reactionary to the core and they don’t even know it.

Speaking of which, the WaPo’s Alexandra Petri makes a desperate and monumentally unfunny (stick to your day job, Alexandra) attempt to defuse the event with “Vivian Schiller resigns from NPR. So prank journalism is okay now?” Kill the messenger that brings that bad news? The Greeks knew that was a phony thousands of years ago.