One percent of US population accounts for one-half of US domestic terror plots

With all the hoopla about the upcoming House Homeland Security Committee hearings on Islamic radicalization this Thursday it might be helpful to look at some actual data.


An October 2010 study published by the Institute for Homeland Security Solutions examined US terror plots from 1999-2009. What you can see in the graphic below taken from the study (p. 7) is that nearly one-half (40 of 86) of domestic terror plots are from Al-Qaeda and Affiliated Movements (AQAM), or those inspired by AQAM ideology.

Click to enlarge.

What we see is that the Muslim community, which represents only one percent of US population, accounts for one-half of all domestic terror plots. Another study by Charles Kurzman at the Univ. of North Carolina makes that same observation:

Still, with Muslims comprising about 1 percent of the American population, it is clear that Muslims are engaging in terrorism at a greater rate than non-Muslims — though at a low level compared with overall violence in the United States. (p. 4)

Kurzman, who relies on data from the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, never explains the context of “overall violence in the United States”.

Islamic groups and the lamescream media can cry “Islamophobia” all they want about the upcoming King hearings, but the facts are that domestic terrorism in all its forms are a highly localized problem, with a disproportionate amount of that problem coming out of the Muslim community.


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