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More Great News: China's Spy Academy in Zimbabwe

Along with a report that Zimbabwe will be selling uranium to Iran (see Tatler post below), here’s a story in The Zimbabwean, claiming that China is “building a multimillion dollar military base” in Zimbabwe, named for the dictator — the Robert Mugabe National School of Intelligence. “Touted as an intelligence academy, the new facility is the largest investment in a military base here in a decade,” reports The Zimbabwean, adding that this military base-cum-spy school, big enough to occupy several square miles, “will be operated by the Chinese and its foreign intelligence service in conjunction with Zimbabwe’s spy organ, the CIO and local military intelligence.”

A caveat on the sourcing: There is no byline, the story being attributed to “Chief Reporter,” who relies in part on unnamed “military sources.” Though in reporting on Zimbabwe, where decades of Mugabe’s rule have proved even more ruinous that Gaddafi’s horrific career of wrecking Libya, anonymity is usually  the only prudent course. And the article does quote Mugabe himself, who was reported launching this espionage academy in 2009.

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