Gov. Walker: 'We need to walk through why this letter is so ridiculous'

The letter WI Gov. Scott Walker is referring to is the letter that state Sen. Mark Miller, the Democrats’ leader, sent to him. That letter asked Walker for a meeting “on the border,” which made it sound like the Holy Roman Emperor was seeking a secret frontier meeting with the French envoy to plot out the next attack on Henry VIII in English-occupied France. Or, an invitation by a mob boss to meet with a particularly irritating g-man, alone and unarmed, to discuss the situation. Given the old union associations with the mob, the latter comparison is probably closest to what Miller had in mind, only in political terms and not the real thing.


Rather than agreeing to such a ridiculous meeting, Walker did the sensible thing and took to the airwaves to mock Miller.

Walker is at his best and most effective when he’s in front of the camera, just explaining what’s going on. He may not be as “hot” as Chris Christie, but he definitely looks and sounds like a leader.

In the past couple of days, there have been signs that there are cracks among the 14 fleebag Democrats. There was the Sunday rumor that they were thinking of coming back, followed by the Monday shootdown of same. There have also been rumors that the unions are paying for the Democrats’ expenses while they’re on the lam. In all likelihood, that’s illegal (it would amount to reward for official inaction, which is illegal) and should be investigated at some point in the future.


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