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Just a reminder: Michael Moore hates unions

… especially when they have anything do with him. For all the leftwing automatons standing out in the cold in Madison listening to Michael Moore, a reminder from leftwing Salon magazine:

It was Miriam Fried who said, “The ultimate measure of a company’s social responsibility is the way it treats its employees.” It was a “TV Nation” producer who said, “If you had … a reunion of people for whom working for Michael was the least pleasant professional experience of their lives, it might be necessary to rent a large stadium.”

From articles in New York magazine and the New York Observer, and from my own conversations with Moore’s former employees, I have learned that Moore’s office is not, as he insists in his book, “a nonstop rock-‘n’-roll party for the proletariat.”

“TV Nation” writers say he tried to dissuade them from joining the Writer’s Guild (though he spends a chapter of his book on his efforts to unionize his researchers). Once they did join, writers relied on the Guild repeatedly to secure them payments, credits and residuals Moore was trying to screw them out of.

There’s plenty more at the link.