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Holy Bat Plane!

Count. Me. In. Both of the Christopher Nolan Bat-films have been awesome.

One of their long-time trusted sources tells them that we may finally see the Bat-plane, Batwing or some sort of aerial Bat-vehicle. Batman had an aircraft in most of his other incarnations, starting with the first Tim Burton movie back in 1989 and going right on through the Schumacher years. So far Christopher Nolan has kept it all to ground transportation and the occasional cape-turned-hang-glider.

Also: Maybe a Bat-Tank. If they show it rolling over a stack of iPads…I might have to see The Dark Knight Rises before it even opens.

Anyway, speaking of Bat planes, the Air Force is launching a wicked little thing today:

Today’s launch will be the first mission for this particular X-37B, which is known as the Orbital Test Vehicle 2, or OTV-2.

The Air Force has one other X-37B space plane, OTV-1, which just returned from its maiden seven-month space mission this past December.

The unmanned Boeing-built spacecraft look like smaller versions of NASA’s space shuttles and are designed to be reusable. They also carry solar arrays to generate power, allowing them to stay in orbit on missions of up to 270 days, Air Force officials have said.