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Videos: Your passionless, bloodless, barely there president reacts to tragedy and Libyan unrest

Here’s President Obama reacting to the killing of two American airmen by a terrorist in Frankfurt, Wednesday. The president matter-of-factly notes his and the country’s outrage. Thanks for that.

And here’s President Obama calling for Gaddafi to go. You’ll be glad to know that Gaddafi has, according to the president, “lost the legitimacy to lead, and must leave.” That’s good to know. It’s also good to know that the US is looking at a “full range of options” “in consultation with” the “international community.” Obama also says the violence “must stop,” but really doesn’t name who must do the stopping of the violence. The violence is just a thing that must stop. Being violent. Those who do violence against the Libyan people “will be held accountable,” though. So there’s that. By whom? The “international community,” one supposes.

Watching both videos, it’s apparent that President Obama has all the interest in world affairs of an alpaca observing a PTA meeting.