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Great news: Medicare is throwing away truckloads of money

Says the GAO, in a report that hit the streets Wednesday.

Nearly 10 percent of all Medicare payments are fraudulent or otherwise improper, and the government isn’t doing enough to stop them.

That’s the conclusion of a Government Accountability Office report released Wednesday. The report, issued at the request of a House subcommittee investigating Medicare and Medicaid fraud, estimates that the federal government is losing $48 billion on the improper payments – a significant amount for a program that “is fiscally unsustainable in the long term” unless action is taken.

Read the rest at the link. Sometimes it’s worth taking a second just to stop and think about this: This government is continually amassing more and more power unto itself, yet it also continually demonstrates just how incompetent it is as the tasks it has already taken on. Here’s a thought: Stop soaking up power and just do one thing you’re already tasked to do with some competence.