Walker to fleebag Dems: You've got 24 hours to return or the layoffs begin

Well here we go. Two weeks of shutting down the state’s Senate had to lead somewhere, and it’s leading to layoffs for the state workers the Democrats claim to be defending:


A statement released by Gov. Scott Walker’s office on Monday says the option of refinancing debt in order to save $165 million will be lost unless Senate Democrats return to work and vote on it by Tuesday. …

Werwie [the governor’s spokesman] said he was giving the Democrats 24-hour notice. He added that the governor will delay sending out layoff notices “as long as possible.”

Walker is also scheduled to address a joint session of the Wisconsin legislature tomorrow evening.  This address was originally set for Feb 22, but the fleebaggers’ run to the Tilted Kilt scuttled that. Now the speech is on, the layoffs are in play and the fleebaggers are still absent. It seems that Wisconsin will move, one way or another, this week.


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