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Iran Today. Is it a coup, or just the usual idiocies?

As I said earlier, there was a big show of force by the regime today, and not just in Tehran.  There was a state of “quasi military rule” in Isfahan, and Tabriz as well, and we may  yet hear of similar deployments elsewhere.  Dissidents were rounded up, and for the past few days the men in black (Basij) have been tearing down satellite dishes.

Then, tonight, the Intel Minister, Moslehi, takes to the airwaves in a long interview to “announce” that he’s uncovered a long-running conspiracy, involving regime critics including the late Ayatollah Montazeri, Baha’i faithful, and of course Mousavi and Karroubi.  Some were accused of working for the MEK, others for CIA etc etc.

So why all the thugs on the streets?  All those accusations have been heard before.  There can’t be many Iranians who believe it.  Was the regime afraid of an uprising?  Could be.  Is this the first move in the establishment of a fully militarized repression?  Could be.

Meanwhile, the Greens called for new demonstrations every Tuesday.

Maybe Hillary and Obama might call for the release of political prisoners, and freedom for Mousavi and Karroubi?  And if they won’t, what about the other Western “leaders”?  Anyone care out there?

I didn’t think so.  Just checking.