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Libyan Diplomat Warns of Genocide in Libya

Yes, there is one honest diplomat at the United Nations. Or at least there was on Tuesday. The UN Security Council met in closed session to discuss Libya, and emerged not with a resolution, but with the feebler  product of a “statement” in which the members expressed their “great concern,” “deep concern” and other variations on concern about the Qaddafi regime’s barbaric, bloody assault on Libyans who are rising up against 42 years of totalitarian rule. After the meeting, at the press stakeout, diplomats paraded before the microphone, expressing yet more concern, urging, as they are wont to do, “restraint”…and so forth.

Amid all this, the deputy ambassador of Libya, Ibrahim Dabbashi, took the microphone and spoke not in the lingo of UN-diplomatese, but in the words of an honest man. He begins in Arabic, then quickly switches to English, warning that he has information that Qaddafi, in an attempt to wrest back control, is unleashing a “genocide,” and he calls on Qaddafi and his collaborators “to stop the genocide,” to “stop the killing of the Libyan people.” Here he is, Ibrahim Dabbashi.