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Fleebag Democrats keep running away: Nuke 'em. (Updated)

Yesterday I blogged on the nuclear option available to the Republicans in Wisconsin, which would allow them to pass the union bill without having to have the fleebag Democrats present for a quorum. Now, as Steve blogged earlier, the Indiana Democrats have headed for the hills too. We’re looking into whether the Indiana fleebaggers have found themselves a Tilted Kilt yet, and we are not inquiring in any way as to whether they’re planning to take Letitia Van de Putte’s advice because there are some things we just don’t want to know,  but in the mean time, the Republicans in both states should nuke the Democrats. No mercy. Push the button. Pass the bills. Show them the impotence that their fealty to the unions has bought them.

Not doing so will only encourage more Democrats in more states to put their union enablers before the will of the voters, and before the fiscal health of their states. The fleebag Democrats have shown that the will of the majority doesn’t matter to them. They have shown that they will shamelessly shill for the unions no matter the cost, even if it means they have to stop the wheels of government itself rather than help solve its problems. They can’t be trusted, they can’t be reasoned with. So nuke ’em and let ’em cry about it.

More: John Dennis Pedrie suggests the WI GOP bring up Right to Work and vote on it on its own. Good idea. The fleebags have given the WI and IN Republicans an opportunity to think and act creatively. Let’s see it.

Also, as a commenter over on our facebook page reminds me, when the Democrats in Texas pulled the original fleebag act in 2003, Gov. Perry threatened to cut off their state credit cards. That would have forced them to pay their own way while they were on the lam, and to no one’s surprise, the Democrats were unwilling to do so. They would stand on whatever principle they claimed, so long as they could do it on the taxpayer’s dime. So, Govs. Walker and Daniels, cut off their cards. And then nuke ’em.