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Wisconsin: GOP has a nuclear option

Democrats fled the state to deny a 2/3 quorum, which is required for spending and fiscal matters. The union bill was folded into a larger spending bill, thus the need for the quorum to vote on it. But the GOP says it can break that measure out and vote on it separately.

Newly elected state Sen. Leah Vukey, a Tea Party favorite, told The Daily Caller the Senate could separate the removal of collective bargaining rights for state and local employees from the spending bill if the Democrats refuse to return. Vukey said she’s not yet sure if Wisconsin’s Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald will do so, but said it’s a possibility.

“All the collective bargaining stuff could be done as a separate bill,” Vukey said in a phone interview. “I’m not certain if we’re going to do that at this point.”

I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t. The Democrats have already played their hand in both running away to deny the vote, and by generating the Hitler+Mubarak=Walker protests. The Democrats are even trying to generate recalls against WI Republicans, even though many of them including Gov. Walker haven’t even been in office long enough to be threatened by that. The unions have closed schools, with the ancillary effect of making it open season for students to use fake doctor’s notes in WI schools until the end of time, and the Republicans have had to beef up their own security in the face of genuine threats to their safety.

Enough is enough. The WI Republicans should push the button. And if the unionists insist on continuing their illegal strike, they should be fired, and any doctors who participated in the sickout should face medical inquiries.

As for the recall strategy, that can work both ways. There was, of course, a recall election of sorts back in November and the Republicans won that one. If the Democrats want to try recalling some Republicans, then some Republicans should try recalling some Democrats.