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Pelosi's spoiled kid: 'We are all Wisconsin workers'

She really means “government union workers,” of course, because that’s actually what we’re talking about in Wisconsin. Not the average worker who gets nowhere near the benefits of the union workers, and who have to work longer hours and don’t have the same level of job security, and who have to pay into their own retirement plans, and whose taxes pay for the union workers’ lavish benefits.  So yes, we’ll grant Christine Pelosi, writing at that poor $315 million site, the Huffington Post,  that she and her famous Mom are just like the government workers who are shutting down the schools and engaging in an illegal strike to shut down the democratic process, and soaking up the proceeds from others’ work. Just. Like. Them.

It’s big of you all to own that. As for Pelosi’s actual connection to the government union workers, it’s pretty weak tea.

My kinship with Wisconsin workers is based on my history as a proud pro-union Democrat.

Well ok then! You are clearly every bit as relevant and hard working as Megan McCain.