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Here it comes: SEIU and AFL-CIO stirring up week of protests all over the country

Because Wisconsin is going so well for them…?

Organizing for America (Obama’s Brown Shirt Army), SEIU and AFL-CIO are exponentiating the protest in Wisconsin by organizing similar events across the country starting tomorrow. President Chaos won’t be satisfied until he’s inflamed the entire country.

And here’s the list, which comes from SEIU’s web site:

2/21 – Helena, MT
2/21 – Carson City, NV
2/21 – Raleigh, NC
2/21 – Austin, TX
2/21 – Madison, WI
2/22 – Sacramento, CA
2/22 – Denver, CO
2/22 – Des Moines, IA
2/22 – Annapolis, MD
2/22 – Boston, MA
2/22 – Springfield, MA
2/22 – St. Paul, MN
2/22 – Santa Fe, NM
2/22 – Columbus OH
2/22 – Providence, RI
2/22 – Montpelier, VT
2/22 – Madison, WI
2/23 – Hartford, CT
2/23 – Atlanta, GA
2/23 – Scranton, PA
2/24 – Canton, OH

Reminder of just how involved the Obama gang is in all this. Obama himself declared support for the protests last week, as did former Speaker Pelosi. The SEIU’s former political director, Patrick Gaspard, did time as Obama’s political director before heading over to become the execituve director of the DNC in January 2011. Question the timing on that one.  SEIU’s Andy Stern left (?) that union to join the Obama admin in 2010. Organizing for America has been active in this throughout, even moving protesters into Wisconsin from elsewhere.

Obama’s Democratic Party owns this, along with the unions who own them. They own a state government shutdown in Wisconsin, and they own any negative consequences from stirring up trouble in 19 other states over the course of the next few days.