Video: Global warming alarmists try ambushing Sen. Inhofe, and fail

Mark Hertsgaard, last seen comparing global warming alarmists to Galileo to shut off all debate on the climate, tries his hand at ambush journalism. His target is Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK). But Mark Hertsgaard is no Jason Mattera, and Sen. Inhofe is no Charlie Rangel. So the ambush is a bust, and the ambushers come off looking like a bunch of children.


There’s a full story at the Daily Caller, linked above. Inhofe is particularly effective, imho, when he schools the alarmists on the proven tax consequences of their asinine environmental policies. Without noting a fact or missing a beat, one calls herself the spokeswoman for her entire generation, they call on Inhofe to “apologize to the children” or whatever, and he just doesn’t fall for any of it.

The above, by the way, is the full video. Hertsgaard published an edited version in which he spun to make Inhofe look bad. Which is not unlike how alarmists tend to treat the facts elsewhere.

More: Check out Ed Driscoll’s post on all this. Hertsgaard isn’t just a global warming alarmist crank, he’s also a rank  impostor.


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