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Medical fraud in Wisconsin

(H/T to a half dozen people, but particularly to Instapundit and Ann Althouse.)

Thanks to direct on the scene reporting by Ann Althouse and others, it’s become clear that there are doctors giving out fraudulent doctor’s excuses to teachers and others at the anti-Walker demonstrations in Madison.  In fact, Althouse has what sure sounds to me like a confession on tape:

… and the MacIver Institute also has a suspcious transaction:

I grew up in a Democrat/Union machine town; I used to be more or less inured to these things.  I find I am no longer.  I’m doubly angry now that mobs have forced the legislature to evacuate the Capitol in Madison, for fear of the peril the mobs represented.

One of Glenn’s commenters notes:

I’m a physician. I take care of patients. Yes indeed, if I were to give a doctor’s note to someone without conducting a proper medical evaluation (however brief), I’d be guilty of improper behavior and ethics and could be brought before the medical licensing board.

However, there’s another name for this: FRAUD. The teachers will use these notes to justify their absences and collect their pay. Both the doctors and the teachers are perpetrating a fraud.

Wonder if the Wisconsin attorney general could be motivated to look into that? At the very least, demand that any teacher turning in a doctor’s note over this work action also turn over the record of the medical ‘evaluation’. That would put a stop to this real quick.

These doctors are clearly identifiable.  I think a complaint — or a large number of complaints — to the medical licensing board in Wisconsin would be appropriate.

That aside, I think the lines are being clearly drawn here: the public employee unions, in Wisconsin and elsewhere, have decided they have an unlimited right to our purses and property, and intend to use thuggery to preserve what they lost in the election. And this cannot be tolerated.

Some of my friends say, in horror, that this is “union busting”.  I disagree, and even Politifact backs me up.  But I say, if this is union busting, it’s time we made the most of it.

Updates (after fold)

Speaking of thuggery:

MADISON, Wisc. — Police officers in Madison detained and subsequently released a labor union operative who attempted, somewhat successfully, to destroy the speaker system at the Tea Party counter rally Saturday. [Emphasis mine.]

The puzzling — okay, it’s not puzzling, I’m more cynical than that — the striking thing here is that the police didn’t intervene when the union thug was merely destroying property to impede the Tea Partier’s right to speak; they did finally act when the thug progressed to assaulting the Tea Party guy; and they’ve already released the thug, apparently without charges.

Another Update

“Unlikely Hospitalist” at Pundit Press has more on the physicians involved.

Yet Another Update

One more video:

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