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Jax Bax Wax Hax

Bad luck for the Wisconsin labor demonstrators – that hack of hacks Jesse Jackson (known as Jax, in the NY Post, not be confused with Phil Jax) has joined them. When Jax is around, you know it’s about Jax and not the issues at hand. But speaking of the issues, here’s a question. Public school teachers in Wisconsin want the right of collective bargaining, yet public education in our country (and that state) is atrocious. The USA spends more money per pupil than other countries and gets a worse result. Abominable teachers are able to keep their jobs because of the union, while the rest of us must meet the test of the marketplace. For the most part, teaching has become a sinecure best expressed in Woody Allen’s joke: “Those who can’t, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach gym.” But go on, unionize. Solidarity forever and all that jazz.