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Fox braces for the next Soros attack

And by “braces for,” I actually mean “welcomes.” MSNBC and CNN could learn a thing or two from Fox, which is blessed by strident but wealthy enemies who spend vast amounts of money and time drawing attention to Fox programming, thus ensuring that it gets watched.

This latest attack is coming from the Jewish Funds for Justice, a Soros-funded organization. It’s targeting FNC’s Glenn Beck because, well, he frequently runs hour-long exposure programs on George “Spooky Dude” Soros, Van Jones, and the like. Jewish Funds for Justice ran a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal back in January and they have amped up the attack since then. This attack will fail, as have all the others, and will likely benefit FNC.

Previous attacks on Fox, which really amount to one sustained campaign that has spanned several years and morphed from one form to another, have done the network no damage at all. That’s a fact that even some liberal bloggers, writers and other less partisan sources have noticed. The attacks do have the benefit of showing up in Google search results..which can also end up driving traffic to Fox’s web properties and eyeballs to the network itself.

Through it all, Fox’s ratings have climbed. And climbed. And climbed. While their MSNBC bete noir took off for the greener pastures of…AlGore TV?

It seems to me that Fox is enjoying one of the things that Conan the Barbarian called what is good in life: They get to crush their enemies, and see them scatter.