The PJ Tatler

Rosen Agonistes

Nir Rosen tries to frantically backtrack from his vicious remarks about Lara Logan’s attack:

The plan going forward is to redeem myself and show that my statements were not representative of my beliefs and that i am in fact committed radically to the rights of women…My career was dedicated to defending victims from oppressors and instead I now look like I mock victims and justify their oppressors.

Earth to Nir: the reason you look like you mock victims and justify their oppressors is that you did mock a victim.

Rosen has not even offered an explanation for his remarks other than that they are not representative of his beliefs. But do people usually make remarks—and repeated remarks at that—that are not representative of their beliefs?

Rosen doesn’t even seem to have Mel Gibson’s lame excuse, that he was drunk. One can only conclude that Rosen meant exactly what he said, and for some unknown reason forgot that Twitter was a public forum when he let slip his mask.