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Egyptian opposition leader calls for referendum on peace with Israel

Consider this a follow-up to John’s post below. One such US pundit/fool is Geraldo, who was on Fox the evening after Mubarak resigned. Geraldo attempted to extend his expertise from having reported decades ago in the jungles of Nicaragua to the situation in Egypt. I wish I was making that up. He opined at some length that the Israelis had nothing to fear in the Egyptian revolt, that Egypt wouldn’t dare attack, there was nothing to worry about.

Well, here’s a member of the Egyptian opposition, begging to differ.

We want true participation of the people, and to gauge the people’s position on all the significant issues, one of the most important of which is the Camp David accords. Some people believe that this agreement is a thing of the past, and that it must be developed in a correct manner. They believe that some of the terms are humiliating to the Egyptian side. I belong to this group of people.

That comment was made by Ayman Nour on Al Jazeera yesterday. How might such a referendum go? Zogby says, not well.

On Israel and Palestinians: 69% said that of all Obama policies they were most disappointed toward Israel and Palestine; 90% named Israel as one of two nations that are the greatest threat to them and Egyptians were split as to whether there would ever be lasting peace between Israel and Palestinians.

That poll also found that 65% of Egyptians want clergy to play a stronger role in politics.