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Iran: Hillary speaks up... Where is Obama?

At long last the US administration has started to speak forthrightly about Iran. Secretary of State Clinton said of the demonstrations in Tehran today:

“Let me very clearly and directly support the aspirations of the people who are in the streets in Iran today,” said Clinton, who told reporters Washington had the same messages for Iran that it had delivered to Mubarak.
“We had three very consistent messages: We were against violence, and we stated it often, and we communicated it directly to Egyptian authorities. Secondly: We supported the universal human rights of the Egyptian people.”
“And third: We stood for political change that would result in positive outcomes that would give the Egyptian people a better economic and political future. We believe the same for Iran,” she said.

Alright, Obama. Your turn. This is the moment to make up for extraordinary silence at the height of Iran democracy demonstrations of ’09.