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Memo to MSM: Liberals do more than lean left

Liberal media bias is so pervasive it gives Big Journalism and Newsbusters a constant stream of content. The folks behind those sites are likely typing as fast as they can to squeeze it all in.

But liberal bias also comes in the form of a lower case “b” – modest examples that nonetheless add up in the minds of the consumer.

Consider how often news sites can’t bring themselves to call liberals “liberal.” They’re left-leaning if they’re identified at all. So The Huffington Post is left leaning, while Andrew Breitbart, Bill O’Reilly and Marco Rubio are all tagged as conservative, no questions asked.

That matters when assessing the sources behind stories and legislation. Consider this recent dispatch tied to the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan which uses Ron Reagan to rip former Gov. Sarah Palin. The reader can trust lil’ Ron because he only “leans left,” nothing more. Withholding the “L word” gives him more credibility, as if he’s not driven by pure ideology.

But consider Ron Reagan’s liberal bona fides: He toils for MSNBC, once hosted a radio talk show on the now defunct Air America network and in 2004 spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Liberal media bias from supposedly neutral news sources remains a serious problem. But the more modest examples shouldn’t be discounted, or ignored.