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Blog from Israel: Tense, determined and not expecting their 'strongest’ ally to help

(Jerusalem) Tense, determined and not expecting their “strongest” ally to help: Those words would describe the feelings of everyday Israelis here in Jerusalem.  They keep an ear and an eye posted towards all news channels and they are very aware of every misstep from the USA, and what every action and reaction is across the Middle East.  They note the call to prayer, or adhan, from the muezzin manning the Islamic minarets dotting the landscape, are not the benevolent sounds that Obama implies in his famous Cairo Speech.

Israelis are focused and determined to survive and they do not appear to be nervous or afraid.

When talking with Israelis, they have a common thread: That the American government will not be by their side when the days are darkest.  Some feel they will be thrown under the bus of political correctness and expediency.  But that the American people will be by their side.  Really, what would lead them to that conclusion? Your prayers are needed in this time of strife.

It is a powerful time to be here in Israel and I have had some briefings from senior government officials, which I’ll pass long in my next postings.