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Tomorrow is yesterday in Egypt

Picard over Kirk? Blasphemy! On the other hand, Ladd Ehlinger makes an excellent point regarding the Prime Directive:

I am by no means a George-Washington-style isolationist, but it seems to me that we have gone way beyond “engagement” and landed somewhere deep into dumb-ass Star Trek Nazi episode territory.

I refer, of course, to the episode Patterns of Force. A fellow named John Gill introduces to a developing planet the concept of National Socialism. Of course, he was only going to give them just the good parts of Nazism (?), eschewing the bad stuff. But things go horribly wrong. Fortunately, Desilu Studios already had plenty of German WWII uniforms in its warehouse, so the episode’s budget was acceptably low. Regardless, the whole episode was all about why the Prime Directive is a good thing, which the original series forgot over and over, just like we do.

Plus: Bonus gratuitous Jolene Blalock bikini picture. She played a Vulcan.

(Actually, she played the best Vulcan since Spock.)