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A Voice from Cairo

Here’s an email from a pro-democracy activist in the middle of it all.  He wants it widely distributed, so here you go:

Dear All,

I write to you from Egypt on behalf of the newly formed “National Coalition for Change” which has most major Political Parties in Egypt( El Wafd, El Tagamoa, El Gad, The Nassaritis, El Destory EL Hoor), most of the NGO community, Egypt Syndicates, and well regarded independent political personalities.

Right now as I write to you, gun fires can be heard all around us in most of Cairo . It sounds like we are in a war zone. President Mubarak’s dark forces, dressed in civilian cloth, went out and attacked peaceful demonstrators in El Tahreer Square with fire bombs and rocks causing thousands of injuries and we have no idea how many deaths yet today.  Their aim is create so much fear so that no one will go out in the Demonstration planned for Friday.

Already today after we agreed to the Vice President’s call for dialogue (which was unconditional at the time) the Vice president went out and stated that demonstrations have to stop before the dialogue can start.  This regime cannot be trusted.

We are having a problem reaching forcing media to expose all crimes.   Please pass my name and my contact out to anyone you know that can get our stories out.

I am authorized by the Newly formed “National Coalition for Change” to speak on its behalf to anyone.


Michael Meunier

Egypt Number:  (+20182744388)