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The real stealth jihad

There’s a lot of talk about “stealth jihad” out there, but this is the real deal. At least where the jihad goes boom.

An Ex-British Airways IT specialist plead guilty to terrorism charges in the UK, including funding terrorist associates in Yemen, volunteering to become a suicide bomber, and encouraging others to do the same. He also copped to being involved in the production and distribution of a video for the banned terrorist organization Jammat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh.

Worse yet, British prosecutors have alleged that Rajib Karim used his position “to advise foreign terrorists on airport security measures, including suspicion scans, liquid allowances, and computer systems.”

“Colin Gibbs, for the prosecution, said Mr. Karim had offered to pass on information gleaned from cabin crew training — which the airline made available to company volunteers so that services could be kept running during a strike,” reported the Sunday Times. He also reportedly volunteered for cabin duty, during the British Airways strike, which prosecutors allege was a part of his plan to further an unspecified terrorist act.