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Syrians now calling for 'day of rage'

Finally, some good news out of the Middle East.  Syria is one of the few countries in the region where it’s tough to imagine a worse government replacing the current awful one.  The fact is, Syria’s alliance with Iran, its support for Hezbollah, its meddling in Lebanon and its hostility to the US and Israel make it a perfect candidate for protests and regime change from within.  And there’s a first sign of something like Egypt taking shape in Syria.

The main Syrian protest page on Facebook is urging people to protest in Damascus on Feb. 4 and 5 for “a day of rage.” It says the goal is to “end the state of emergency in Syria and end corruption.” The number of people who have joined Facebook and Twitter pages calling for protests on Friday and Saturday is still relatively small, and some are believed to live outside the country.

President Bashar Assad said in an interview published Monday that his nation is immune from the kind of unrest roiling Tunisia and Egypt…

Facebook is banned in Syria, which makes organizing more difficult — even though many Syrians manage to access the social networking site anyway. More than 2,500 people have joined the page calling for protests on Feb. 4-5, with another 850 joining a page in favor of President Assad.

It’s time for Google to launch its speak to tweet service in Syria.