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Another day, another Media Matters smear

Normally, the sane and grounded entirely ignore all things Media Matters unless they are looking for laughs.  Earlier today I posted at PJ Tatler about the double standard at play in the Mirengoff matter.  When someone rankles the left, the left attacks.  When conservatives are victims or lampooned, nobody cares.  But as the Mirengoff-Tucson Powerline posting also demonstrates, the left isn’t content just to criticize and debate ideas, they seek to destroy.  In an updated posting, “Could Obama Derangement Syndrome Cost You Your Day Job,” Media Matters describes Paul Mirengoff’s post as “bigoted and thoughtless” and “mean spirited.”  Bigoted?  Judge for yourself.  Media Matters bloggers must have a variety of macros available accusing conservatives of being bigots and racists when they are not, as Mirengoff is unquestionably not.

My own Tatler posting takes Mirengoff to task for his defense of the New Black Panther dismissal, an analysis which grew fragile as more facts and testimony emerged.  Had I seen the Media Matters smear before I posted, I’d have focused less on Mirengoff’s black panther analysis and more on the double standard imposed on him by the left.   The last thing I’d ever want to do is join Media Matters in piling on.  Conservatives should be careful not to creep outside the boundaries of spirited debate about issues, even when the other side doesn’t get the joke.  But neither should they shirk from the debate.