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American exceptionalism and Egyptian turmoil

The mess in Egypt demonstrates one of those exceptional characteristics about America and the Constitution.  I don’t profess to be a Mideast expert.  But, multiple elections that were neither fair, regular nor open have fueled the turmoil in Egypt.  Violent armed thugs stationed at the entrance to a poll is one of the most corrosive events in any election.  In the 2005 Egyptian elections, “Government security forces and gangs of thugs from the ruling National Democratic Party blockaded access to dozens of polling sites.”  The 2010 elections weren’t much better.

The Founders knew that regular, open and honest elections were an essential steam valve to political discontent and civil discord.  Every two years, Americans have the chance to jolt the direction of the government.  The same is true for state legislative elections.  Americans have a deep aversion to thugs at polling places with weapons.  Frankly, it is un-American, to borrow a term out of favor these days.  Americans are blessed with a Constitution that has regular elections.  We are a nation governed by law.  The free, fair and honest vote militates against the darker impulses of faction, and ultimately prevents unrest and turmoil.