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WTF, Sarah Palin?

I am outrageously outraged that Sarah Palin took this president’s perfectly fine State of the Union theme, Winning the Future, and turned it into WTF.  Even though those are the actual initials of Winning the Future.  I stand with other, more reasonable conservatives, and denounce this attempt to once again drag our politics into the gutter.  I will spend every single Beltway cocktail party saying as much.  I am nearly equally outrageously outraged that this very blog seems to have started the WTF? meme.  Out. Rageous.

I am also outrageously outraged at suggestions that this president may have plagiarized both the title of his fine address, as well as many passages therein.  That is just divisive talk, at a time when we need healing.  In this Sputnik moment, we need to look beyond the facts and recognize that in this president we have a man whose pantleg creases know no equal.  His eloquence is without peer, no matter whose words he’s reading, or whose thoughts he’s borrowing.  If you do not see his brilliance, well, I am outraged on your behalf.