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Steve Rosenbaum: foe of LAPD, friend of New Black Panthers

There has been some excellent reporting in the past week about the costly and questionable decree the Justice Department obtained in 1998 over the Los Angeles Police Department.  Jack Dunphy has this article at Pajamas Media about the decree and the effect it had on increasing crime rates because gang units had to be shut down.  Heather MacDonald also published “Targeting the Police” this week about the same decree.  Onerous provisions of the decree force the taxpayers to spend millions and glue police to desks to satisfy burdensome paperwork and reporting requirements.  Nobody doubts that there was a problem over a decade ago with the LAPD.  But the decree the DOJ demanded was too onerous.  It went way beyond what was required to remedy the circumstances, and has been in place too long.

You’ll never guess who was responsible for imposing these draconian terms on the LAPD?  None other than New Black Panther voter intimidation dismisser Steven Rosenbaum.  He was the political appointee at the time who ordered the slam dunk voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers dismissed.  Lest you think Rosenbaum is short on vanity, the man has a framed newspaper article about . . .  himself and the LAPD decree he won hanging on the wall of his office at DOJ.  Obviously the decree, that according to Dunphy and MacDonald is costing human lives and millions of dollars, is something that fills Rosenbaum with pride.