The PJ Tatler

The State of Confusion

So the president is pleased, as I am, that the Tunisian “Arab Street” rose up against a dictator.  But his only remarks about Iran had to do with sanctions.  That’s disgusting, at a time when the Iranian regime is engaged in mass murder against its own citizens.  If we supported democratic revolution in Iran, places like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon would get a lot easier.

The long-standing stereotype of the “Arab street”–you know, people who don’t want to be free, who run after the latest great leader (but Tunisia is one of those “leaderless revolutions”)–has been proven wrong, hasn’t it?  We are the only truly revolutionary country in the world.  But we have reactionary leaders.  Yes, including Ms Hillary.

Any Republican leaders care to add this arrow to their quiver?